Monday, June 11, 2012

just a few pics of Dante

outside in the sand playing with his tools from Oma i've gone back to blonde! (and Dante has had a haircut!) playing outside... i think he tipped fiasco's water bowl out onto himself... i have a photo of me in the same pose about the same age!

Two Two Two!

A few weeks ago, well almost 2 months ago we celebrated Dante's second birthday! Of course i didn't take any photos on the important day but have a few of his cake(s) :) Since Dante's favourite number is "two" we had 2 parties for him... a bbq dinner with family and a little party with his friends... double the cake, double the fun! I'll have to get some party photos from mum but here are his birthday cakes... as you may have guessed Dante LOVES trains!

these boys...

Dante and his 'little' cousin Elijah are starting to play so nicely together! (ie, Elijah now pushes Dante back so they are even heehee) These boys are going to have so much fun growing up together xo

Monday, January 16, 2012


in the first week of the new year Dante and I headed down to Busselton to spend some time with the family for a few days (while Rob stayed home and worked on the house!)

smelling flowers

colouring in

learning to play cricket

look mum no feet!

say cheeeeese

dante has a sore head

Just before Christmas we were lucky enough to spend 6 hours in Freo ED so Dante could get 3 stitches in his head... not an experience i'd like to do again, but i'm sure it won't be the last trip to ED with my little explorer! Unfortunately he had to be heavily sedated with Ketamine to have his head stitched up because he wouldn't sit still! poor little fella...

in my backyard...

...are chooks, fresh vegies - beetroot and broad beans, and buzzbees!